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Vancouver English Centre Main Entrance

Vancouver English Centre is a leader in ESL education. VEC offers English language training, TOEFL Preparation, TOEIC Preparation, academic preparation, TEFL training, and a Business Internship Program.

With one school in Vancouver, Canada and one in Guadalajara, Mexico, VEC has everything international students need to improve their English language skills. Our computer labs are modern and fully equipped with the latest software for TOEFL Preparation, Business English, Pronunciation, and TOEIC Preparation. The VEC curriculum is sophisticated and efficient. We offer 15 levels of ESL instruction, as well as many elective courses.

TOEFL, TOEIC, & IELTS English Test Preparation Programs in Vancouver, Canada

We offer the following test-preparation programs to help you improve your test scores quickly:

English Language Courses in Vancouver, Canada

VEC has special programs for students with specific interests. These programs, such as Elective or Core ESL courses, and Special Programs, may be taken separately, or combined with other courses.

Homestay Accommodations in Vancouver, Canada

At Vancouver English Centre, you will experience immersion in the English language. You will make Canadian friends, enjoy Vancouver sightseeing, and be taught by experienced Canadian ESL teachers. We arrange homestays with local families to teach you more about Canadian language and culture.

Colleges and Universities in Canada and the United States

Vancouver English Centre has linkage programs with colleges and universities in Canada and the United States. VEC also has a language school in Guadalajara, Mexico. You have many choices when planning your future education.

We invite you to study English as a Second Language in Vancouver, Canada. Enjoy a rewarding educational experience at Canada's leading English language school.

Virtual Campus Tours of Vancouver, Canada

Our campus has all the facilities to make you comfortable while studying English here. Watch the Virtual Tours of VEC and Vancouver. Look around our campus, and also the City of Vancouver without leaving your house! Enjoy Vancouver's English Bay, the Vancouver Art Gallery or the 164 tours of Vancouver's best attractions.

Vancouver English Centre Videos

See the following three online videos online:

  • VEC Information Video (7 languages)
  • VEC Orientation Video (English language)
  • BCIT Venture Program Video (English language)