Capilano Suspension Bridge

Downtown Vancouver is on the edge of English Bay

The World Famous Suspension Bridge
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The Suspension Bridge spans 450 feet across and 230 feet above North Vancouver's spectacular Capilano River. But don't worry, even though it sways and creaks, it's very, very strong. Strong enough to support the weight of ten heavy-duty military fighter planes. Strong enough to handle the 850,000 visitors each year. Even strong enough to handle a classroom full of kindergarten students! Walking across the Bridge, you will cross over Capilano River and enter the spectacular "wild side" which features the Living Forest display.

The Living Forest

It's British Columbia flora and fauna at its purest. Cross the canyon on the suspension bridge and drop by the Living Forest display to check out creepy-crawlies (and models big enough to scare any little sister!), play with the interactive photo displays, learn heaps of fun facts, play "What's that tree?", and more! The giant-sized "Naturalist's Notebook" is a fun glimpse into the life in ponds and the world of a fallen tree. Stroll through a real west-coast rain forest, wander past trout ponds and some of the grandest old-growth evergreens before visiting Totem Park.

History of the Bridge - 1888

The year was 1888. And George Mackay had a problem. He'd just bought some acreage of dense forest on Vancouver's North Shore and built a cabin on the edge of a canyon wall, but had no way to cross the canyon. So, ever so delicately, he built a small suspension bridge from some hemp rope and cedar wood he had nearby. And the rest, as they say, is history. But what a history! It's the love story of a teenager and the middle-aged man she married... It's the story of one man single-handedly restringing the bridge in five days... It's the story of a secret child, rum-runners, and native statues carved by two Danes in exchange for food!... And much, much more.

Vancouver English Centre Students


Visit by yourself or with a Vancouver English Centre group. Students with VEC identification cards receive the Student Group Rate if they book as a group.

Reservations must be made by calling 985-7474.

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