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TOEIC Preparation and TOEFL Preparation are elective courses at Vancouver English Centre.  These courses are offered to both full-time and part-time students.

TOEIC Testing Centre

Vancouver English Centre is a TOEIC Testing Centre.  We offer the official TOEIC test to our own students. Vancouver English Centre administers a TOEIC test every fourth Friday at 1:00 pm.  Official Score Reports are ready approximately two weeks after the test. 

Free TOEIC Test

Each Vancouver English Centre student currently enrolled in a TOEIC Preparation course is entitled to one TOEIC test at no charge.  Only students who are currently enrolled in a VEC program may take a free test.  Anyone else may take a test, at a cost of $85 per student. 


TOEIC Preparation Program

TOEIC Preparation Program is an elective course, designed entirely to help students achieve high TOEIC scores.  It does not focus on general English language skills.  Classes are divided into three separate levels.  This course is most suitable for students who have attained at least an upper-intermediate level, who intend to take the TOEIC test.  This course is not suitable for students who do not require a TOEIC certificate. TOEIC  (Test of English for International Communications) is the most widely used English Language Competency test in the world, with over one million tests administered every year.  Unlike tests that focus on English in an academic setting, the TOEIC test measures English language proficiency in real-life and business situations.
Prerequisite: Level 3A

VEC also offers the TOEFL Preparation Program
as an elective.  Although students may take this as a part-time course, most people who participate are registered in a full-time program. Classes are divided into three separate levels.  The Tuition Fee is the same as for the Intensive Program.

Computer-Based TOEFL Test 

The TOEFL test is now computerized and individual tests are given by appointment.  Since the test centres are often full, it is best to apply at least 10 weeks before the test date.

TOEFL (Test Of English as a Foreign Language) is often used to evaluate English skills of people who wish to apply for admission to colleges and universities.  It is one the most widely used tests of its kind in the world.
Prerequisite: Level 3A

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